SimpliSafe Smart Lock Troubleshooting: Tips to Fix Not Responding Issues

SimpliSafe Smart Lock Troubleshooting: Tips to Fix Not Responding Issues

Having trouble with your SimpliSafe Smart Lock not responding? Check out these troubleshooting tips to get it working again!

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SimpliSafe is a popular name in the smart lock industry. Their smart locks are designed to provide convenience, security, and peace of mind to homeowners. However, like any other smart device, SimpliSafe smart locks can sometimes encounter problems. One of the common issues that homeowners face is the lock not responding. In this article, we will discuss some troubleshooting tips to fix the not responding issues of SimpliSafe smart locks.

Check the Batteries

SimpliSafe Smart Lock Troubleshooting: Tips to Fix Not Responding Issues

The first thing you need to check when your SimpliSafe smart lock is not responding is the batteries. The lock requires batteries to function, and if the batteries are low or dead, the lock will not respond. To check the batteries, remove the battery cover on the lock and check the batteries. If they are low or dead, replace them with new ones and see if the lock starts responding.

Check the Wi-Fi Connection

Another reason why your SimpliSafe smart lock may not be responding is a weak or unstable Wi-Fi connection. If the lock is not able to connect to the Wi-Fi network, it will not respond to your commands. To check the Wi-Fi connection, go to the SimpliSafe app and check the status of the lock. If it shows that the lock is not connected to the Wi-Fi network, try moving the lock closer to the Wi-Fi router or resetting the router. You can also try connecting the lock to a different Wi-Fi network to see if the issue is with the network.

Update the Firmware

If your SimpliSafe smart lock is not responding, it may be because the firmware is outdated. SimpliSafe releases firmware updates regularly to fix bugs and add new features to their products. To update the firmware, go to the SimpliSafe app and check if there is a firmware update available for the lock. If there is, follow the instructions to update the firmware and see if the lock starts responding.

Reset the Lock

If none of the above troubleshooting tips work, you can try resetting the lock. Resetting the lock will erase all the settings and data on the lock and restore it to its factory settings. To reset the lock, press and hold the reset button on the lock for 10 seconds or until the LED light on the lock turns off. Once the lock is reset, set it up again using the SimpliSafe app and see if it starts responding.


Smart locks are a great addition to any home, but they can sometimes encounter problems. If your SimpliSafe smart lock is not responding, try the troubleshooting tips mentioned above. Checking the batteries, Wi-Fi connection, updating the firmware, and resetting the lock are some of the common ways to fix the not responding issues of SimpliSafe smart locks. If none of these tips work, contact SimpliSafe customer support for further assistance.


Thanks for sharing these troubleshooting tips. I was having issues with my SimpliSafe smart lock and your suggestions helped me fix the problem.

I was about to call a technician to fix my smart lock, but then I read your blog and tried the troubleshooting steps. It worked! Thanks for saving me time and money.

Your instructions were easy to follow and understand. I appreciate the detailed explanations. Keep up the good work!

Yorum Yaz

Yorum Yap

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