Maximizing the Battery Life of Your Schlage Smart Lock

Maximizing the Battery Life of Your Schlage Smart Lock

Learn how to get the most out of your Schlage Smart Lock by extending its battery life. Discover helpful tips and tricks to keep your lock running smoothly.

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Emily Kim
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How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Schlage Smart Lock

Having a Schlage Smart Lock in your home is a great way to improve your home security. However, the convenience of a smart lock can quickly be overshadowed by the need to constantly change batteries. While the battery life of Schlage Smart Locks is quite impressive, there are certain steps you can take to extend it further.

1. Use high-quality batteries

The type of batteries you use can have a significant impact on the battery life of your Schlage Smart Lock. Avoid using cheap or low-quality batteries as they tend to have a shorter lifespan. Instead, opt for high-quality, alkaline batteries that are specifically designed for high-drain devices like smart locks. These batteries may be slightly more expensive, but they will save you money in the long run by lasting longer.

2. Adjust the lock's sensitivity settings

The sensitivity settings of your Schlage Smart Lock can also have an impact on battery life. By default, the lock is set to medium sensitivity, which means it will activate the motor and use more battery power whenever the lock is engaged. You can adjust the sensitivity settings to low or high depending on your needs. If you don't need the lock to engage as frequently, set it to low sensitivity to save battery power. On the other hand, if you want the lock to engage more frequently, set it to high sensitivity, but keep in mind that this will drain the battery faster.

3. Use the lock's manual key override

While the Schlage Smart Lock is designed to be used with a smartphone or keypad, it also comes with a manual key override. If your battery dies and you don't have a replacement on hand, you can use the manual key to unlock the door. This will save you the trouble of having to break into your own home or call a locksmith.

4. Turn off the lock's Bluetooth feature

The Schlage Smart Lock comes with a Bluetooth feature that allows you to control the lock from your smartphone. However, this feature can drain the battery faster. If you're not using the Bluetooth feature, turn it off to save battery power.

5. Keep the lock clean and well-maintained

Dirt, dust, and debris can cause friction on the lock's internal components, which can cause the motor to work harder and use more battery power. To prevent this, make sure to keep the lock clean and well-maintained. Use a soft cloth to clean the exterior of the lock and remove any debris from the keyhole.


The Schlage Smart Lock is a great investment for your home security, but it's important to take steps to extend its battery life. By using high-quality batteries, adjusting the sensitivity settings, using the manual key override, turning off the Bluetooth feature, and keeping the lock clean and well-maintained, you can ensure that your Schlage Smart Lock will last for years to come.


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