Feit Smart Bulb Setup Made Easy: A Beginner's Guide

Feit Smart Bulb Setup Made Easy: A Beginner's Guide

Learn how to easily set up Feit smart bulbs with this beginner's guide. Control your home lighting with ease and convenience.

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Feit Smart Bulbs are smart home devices that have gained popularity among homeowners because they offer a range of features that make managing your home's lighting easy. They can be controlled using a smartphone, voice commands, or a smart home assistant like Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant. Setting up these bulbs may seem daunting for beginners, but it is simpler than it seems. In this article, we will take you through a beginner's guide to setting up Feit Smart Bulbs.

Step 1: Purchase the Feit Smart Bulbs

The first step to setting up Feit Smart Bulbs is to purchase them. They are available at most home improvement stores or online retailers such as Amazon. You can choose from different bulb types, including A19, BR30, and E26. Make sure you have the right bulb type for the socket you plan to use.

Step 2: Download the Feit Electric App

After purchasing the Feit Smart Bulbs, the next step is to download the Feit Electric App. The app is available for free on both the App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded, create an account and log in to the app.

Step 3: Set Up the Feit Smart Bulbs

To set up the Feit Smart Bulbs, follow the steps below:

Step 3.1: Screw in the Bulbs

The first step is to screw in the bulbs into the socket. Ensure that the socket is powered on and that the bulbs are firmly screwed in. Once screwed in, turn on the bulb to confirm that it is working correctly.

Step 3.2: Connect the Bulbs to Wi-Fi

The next step is to connect the Feit Smart Bulbs to Wi-Fi. Follow the steps below: - Open the Feit Electric App - Tap the "+" icon on the top right corner of the screen - Select "Smart Bulbs" from the list of devices - Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the bulbs to Wi-Fi

Step 3.3: Name the Bulbs

Once the bulbs are connected to Wi-Fi, you need to name them. This step is crucial as it helps you to identify the bulbs when you want to control them. You can name them based on their location or any other identifier that makes sense to you.

Step 4: Control the Feit Smart Bulbs

Once the setup is complete, you can control the Feit Smart Bulbs using the Feit Electric App, voice commands, or a smart home assistant. Below are some of the ways you can control the bulbs:

Step 4.1: Using the Feit Electric App

- Open the Feit Electric App - Select the bulbs you want to control - Choose the brightness level or color of the bulbs - Save the changes, and the bulbs will adjust accordingly

Step 4.2: Using Voice Commands

Feit Smart Bulbs are compatible with Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant. To control the bulbs using voice commands, follow the steps below: - Connect your smart home assistant with your Feit Electric App - Use voice commands such as "Alexa, turn on the living room lights" or "Hey Google, dim the kitchen lights."


Setting up Feit Smart Bulbs is easy and straightforward, making them an excellent addition to your smart home devices. With the Feit Electric App, you can control the bulbs from anywhere, and with voice commands, you don't have to lift a finger. Follow the steps outlined in this article to set up your Feit Smart Bulbs and start enjoying the convenience of smart lighting.


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