Does Cold Weather Affect the Battery Life of Schlage Smart Locks?

Does Cold Weather Affect the Battery Life of Schlage Smart Locks?

Learn how cold weather can impact the battery life of Schlage Smart Locks and how to prevent it. Keep your home secure all year round with these tips.

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Does Cold Weather Affect the Battery Life of Schlage Smart Locks?

As the winter months approach, many homeowners with Schlage smart locks may be wondering how the cold weather will affect the battery life of their devices. While Schlage smart locks are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, extreme cold temperatures can impact the performance of the lock's battery. In this article, we will explore the potential impact of cold weather on Schlage smart lock batteries and provide tips for maintaining optimal performance during the winter months.

How Do Schlage Smart Locks Work?

Schlage smart locks are battery-powered devices that allow homeowners to lock and unlock their doors using a smartphone app or a keypad. The lock's battery powers the motor that moves the lock's bolt, as well as the electronics that communicate with the app or keypad. Schlage smart locks typically use four AA batteries, which can last up to a year depending on usage.

How Does Cold Weather Affect Schlage Smart Lock Batteries?

Cold weather can have a significant impact on the performance of Schlage smart lock batteries. When the temperature drops below freezing, the chemical reactions that occur inside the battery slow down, which can cause the battery to lose power more quickly. In extreme cold temperatures, the battery may even stop working altogether. Additionally, the motor that moves the lock's bolt may also slow down in cold weather, which can cause the lock to operate more slowly or not at all.

How Can Homeowners Maintain Schlage Smart Lock Battery Performance in Cold Weather?

There are a few things homeowners can do to maintain optimal Schlage smart lock battery performance during the winter months:

1. Keep the lock's battery compartment clean and dry.

Moisture can cause corrosion on the battery contacts, which can impact the lock's performance. To prevent this, homeowners should periodically clean the battery compartment with a dry cloth and ensure that the compartment is completely dry before replacing the batteries.

2. Use high-quality batteries.

Using high-quality batteries can help ensure that the lock operates smoothly in cold temperatures. Homeowners should avoid using cheap or low-quality batteries, as these may not provide enough power to operate the lock in extreme cold.

3. Install a battery-powered heater.

For homeowners who live in areas with extremely cold temperatures, installing a battery-powered heater in the lock's battery compartment can help maintain optimal battery performance. These heaters are designed to keep the battery at a consistent temperature, which can help prevent power loss and extend the life of the battery.


Cold weather can impact the performance of Schlage smart lock batteries, but homeowners can take steps to maintain optimal performance during the winter months. By keeping the lock's battery compartment clean and dry, using high-quality batteries, and installing a battery-powered heater, homeowners can help ensure that their Schlage smart locks operate smoothly all year round.


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