7 Troubleshooting Tips for Schlage Smart Lock Orange Light

7 Troubleshooting Tips for Schlage Smart Lock Orange Light

Learn how to troubleshoot your Schlage Smart Lock orange light with these 7 tips. Ensure the safety and security of your home with ease.

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Troubleshooting Tips for Schlage Smart Lock Orange Light

Schlage smart locks have been a popular choice for homeowners looking for convenient and secure locks for their homes. However, like any other electronic device, these locks may encounter technical issues that require troubleshooting. One of the most common issues that homeowners face with their Schlage smart locks is the orange light. In this article, we will discuss the troubleshooting tips for Schlage smart lock orange light.

What does the orange light mean?

7 Troubleshooting Tips for Schlage Smart Lock Orange Light

The orange light on your Schlage smart lock indicates that the lock is in programming mode. This is a mode that allows you to add or remove user codes, change the lock settings, or perform other lock functions. However, if the orange light stays on for an extended period, it may indicate a technical issue with the lock.

Troubleshooting Tips

1. Check the batteries

The first step in troubleshooting your Schlage smart lock orange light is to check the batteries. Low battery levels can cause the lock to malfunction, resulting in the orange light. Replace the batteries with fresh ones and check if the orange light goes off.

2. Reset the lock

If the batteries are not the issue, you can try resetting the lock. To reset the lock, remove the batteries, press and hold the Schlage button on the lock, and reinsert the batteries. Wait for the lock to beep three times, indicating that it has reset. Check if the orange light goes off after resetting the lock.

3. Check the network connectivity

Schlage smart locks use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone or other smart devices. If the lock is not connected to the network, it may cause the orange light. Check your network connectivity and ensure that the lock is connected to the network. You can also try restarting your network router to resolve any connectivity issues.

4. Contact Schlage customer support

If none of the above steps resolves the issue, you can contact Schlage customer support. They have a team of experts who can guide you through the troubleshooting process and resolve any technical issues with your lock.


Schlage smart locks provide homeowners with convenience and security. However, technical issues such as the orange light can be frustrating. By following the above troubleshooting tips, you can resolve the issue and enjoy the benefits of your Schlage smart lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

The orange light on your Schlage smart lock indicates that the lock is in programming mode or that there is an issue with the lock's connectivity.
Make sure that your lock is within range of your home's Wi-Fi network and that the lock's batteries are fully charged. You may also try resetting the lock or restarting your Wi-Fi router.
Try resetting the lock by removing the batteries and holding down the Schlage button for 10 seconds. If this does not work, contact Schlage customer support for further assistance.
To change the batteries in your Schlage smart lock, remove the cover on the lock and replace the batteries with four new AA batteries.
Your Schlage smart lock may beep if the batteries are low or if there is an issue with the lock's connectivity. Check the battery level and connectivity status to troubleshoot the issue.


These tips were really helpful in troubleshooting the orange light issue with my Schlage smart lock. Thanks a lot!

Was about to call a locksmith when I stumbled upon this post. Your tips helped me fix the issue and saved me a lot of money. Thanks a ton!

As a locksmith, I can say that these tips are spot on. I often get calls from customers with Schlage smart locks and the orange light issue. I'll be sure to share this post with them.

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