5 Simple Ways to Fix Kasa Smart Bulb Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

5 Simple Ways to Fix Kasa Smart Bulb Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Having trouble connecting your Kasa Smart Bulb to Wi-Fi? Read on to discover 5 simple solutions to fix the issue.

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5 Simple Ways to Fix Kasa Smart Bulb Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

One of the most convenient ways to control your home's lighting is through the use of smart bulbs. Smart bulbs, such as the Kasa Smart Bulb, can be controlled through your phone or smart home devices like Alexa. However, sometimes these bulbs can encounter connectivity issues that can be frustrating to deal with. Here are five simple ways to fix Kasa Smart Bulb not connecting to Wi-Fi:

1. Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

The first thing to check when your Kasa Smart Bulb is not connecting to Wi-Fi is your Wi-Fi connection. Make sure that your Wi-Fi is working properly, and that your phone or smart home device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that your Kasa Smart Bulb is supposed to be connected to. If your Wi-Fi is not working, reset your router and try connecting again.

2. Reset the Kasa Smart Bulb

If your Wi-Fi is working properly, the next step is to reset the Kasa Smart Bulb. To do this, turn the bulb off and on three times in a row. The bulb will start flashing, indicating that it has been reset. Once the bulb has been reset, try connecting it to Wi-Fi again.

3. Move the Kasa Smart Bulb Closer to the Router

Sometimes, the Kasa Smart Bulb may not be able to connect to Wi-Fi because it is too far away from the router. If this is the case, move the bulb closer to the router and try connecting again. Once the bulb has connected to Wi-Fi, you can move it back to its original location.

4. Check for Firmware Updates

Occasionally, Kasa Smart Bulbs may need firmware updates to function properly. Check for any available firmware updates for your bulb by opening the Kasa app and navigating to the "Device Settings" section. If there is an update available, install it and try connecting your bulb to Wi-Fi again.

5. Contact Customer Support

If none of the above steps work, contact Kasa customer support for further assistance. They may be able to help you troubleshoot the issue and get your Kasa Smart Bulb connected to Wi-Fi.


Overall, connectivity issues with Kasa Smart Bulbs can be frustrating, but there are simple solutions to try before contacting customer support. By checking your Wi-Fi connection, resetting the bulb, moving it closer to the router, checking for firmware updates, and contacting customer support, you can get your Kasa Smart Bulb connected to Wi-Fi and enjoy the convenience of smart lighting once again.


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